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ORI Conference 2022 – Data+AI & Metaverse, Building Blocks of Tomorrow

ORI Conference 2022 – Data+AI & Metaverse, Building Blocks of Tomorrow

This year, our conference will be all about the use of data, AI and the opportunities of the metaverse in the construction world. In the beautiful halls of Maison de la Poste we will welcome numerous interesting speakers and introduce you to a VR/AR application and the intelligent robot dog SPOT. Followed by a valuable networking moment and a delicious walking dinner.

The construction industry in general is currently leveraging technology and innovation to make construction management and site operations more efficient, durable and sustainable, thus reducing the negative impacts of construction on the environment.

Major known trends are building information modeling (BIM), the use of construction robotics, and the increased use of advanced building materials. The COVID-19 pandemic also triggered an acceleration in the integration of these new technologies and innovations, but also in the development of newer and safer ways of construction. 

Our conference of this year will focus on the importance of data in the construction sector, how it will be managed in the near future, and how it will impact the implementation of artificial intelligence. To give it an extra dimension, we will also focus on the metaverse, and what it can bring for the world of construction. 

Talking about these subjects is extremely relevant, because many consulting and engineering firms are already focussing on data and AI, and are well aware of the potential for the future of the construction sector.

During the event, you will discover many facets of the use of data and AI in construction, and you will be accompanied by talented speakers from various companies. 


18h – 18h30

Welcome reception.

18h30 – 18h45

Introduction by ORI.

18h45 – 20h45


WTCB/CSTC – Benoit Parmentier, Strategy & Innovation manager (FR)

  • Artificial Intelligence in the Construction sector: state of the art and promising applications
  • After recalling the major indicators that characterize Construction, this presentation will discuss the state of the art concerning the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in this sector. We will start with the fundamentals of AI, we will approach the first applications of this technology through the different stages of a Construction project, its contributions and the challenges (in particular the quality of the data) that remain to be overcome so that the return on investment is interesting for the various stakeholders of the value chain. We will end with the role that engineering firms can play in this regard and the opportunities to get involved.

Antea Group – Daan Stolker, advisory group manager Data (NL)

  • Antea Group believes in the power of innovation and the contribution it can make to a better and sustainable society, not only for us but also for the generations that will come after us. Cooperation is very important to us. Only together can we make the world more sustainable. Drone images, videos, aerial photographs: they contain a wealth of information. However, analyzing these images is very time-consuming, especially when it’s up to humans. Fortunately, computers are better able than ever to analyze and interpret large quantities of images objectively. They recognize the smallest details and can very accurately classify, count and locate objects or anomalies. We will show you our latest applications and realizations and at the event we will also call upon you to think along with clients, cooperation partners and knowledge institutes about new possibilities and challenges for your project.

Arcadis – Dirk Vanderlinden (NL)

  • Brain: from raw data to relevant insights
  • In the construction world, many stakeholders work with different digital tools. There are different platforms for the design and construction phase as well as for the maintenance phase of a building (e.g. BIM, Planon, Archibus, MCS, Axxerion, NPQ, Topdesk, SAP, Oracle …).  That is why Arcadis developed Brain, a dynamic digital solution that brings static and dynamic data together, structures it and applies Artificial Intelligence to it so that buildings become smarter and clients get better insights for designing, building, managing, maintaining and repurposing their built assets. Costly mistakes are avoided and collaboration becomes easier.

Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer – Arthur De Vos (NL)

  • Safe, smooth and durable traffic using EM-data insights
  • As a national road authority in the Flemish region our goal is to make transport as safe, smooth and durable as possible. Safety and increased traffic flow imply the use of EM-installations: cameras, ventilation, lighting, weather stations but also the fiber network that control and transfer data. To keep the road users as safe as possible these devices should work or, if not, be fixed as fast as possible. Moreover these devices generate a plethora of data and can, in combination with the asset information database, help in the efficiency and effectiveness of keeping these devices operational and use their data to optimize traffic and operational procedures. Additionally data from third parties concerning the power supply or road works is also mandatory to achieve efficient operation of these devices. In this presentation we will elucidate some use cases on how to use data to keep the traffic as smooth and safe as possible by data driven decisions for both keeping EM-installation operational as their data application.

Autodesk – Dieter Vermeulen (NL)

  • Coming soon

Tech Data (Datech) – Jean-Pierre van Gastel (NL)

  • Coming soon

20h45 – 23h

Networking moment and walking dinner.

In the networking hall you will also meet some of our commercial partners and thanks to Antea Group and Arcadis, you will also be able to interact with SPOT, the robot dog of Boston Dynamics, and enter the virtual world (VR Base). 

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