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Bulo NV

Bulo creates furniture that puts design on the forefront, with the spirit of innovation that not only fulfills functional requirements, but also adds to the quality of working and living for both the individual and organization.

Based in Mechelen, Belgium, Bulo was founded by Walter Busschop in 1963. With the first modest file pedestal (what is known today as Mr. Walter), the company has since grown into creating a wide range of furniture, engaging collaboration from local and international designers. With the support of Bosq, a sister company specializing in wood veneers and carpentry, Bulo can deliver customization and bespoke pieces in seamless production.

With the skill and love of the craft for over 50 years, Bulo remains true to creating beautiful, innovative furniture that inspire and support the environment they live in.



Informations générales

adresse Blarenberglaan 6
2800 Mechelen
Numéro de téléphone +32 15 28 28 28 Adresse email site Internet


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